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Pic de PinetaRandonnée Pédestre

* French route : Walk up the magnificent valley of Estaubé straight to the end. Near the end, instead of following the bottom of the valley, the trail elevates on the west slope to gain some height.
We leave Port de Pineta on the left, and Hourquette de Pailla on the right, to reach the foot of Brèche de Tuquerouye.
The climb is long, steep, and not really comfortable, on a long slope of screes. Out of the season, the snow can complicate it.
On the top of the corrie, you can climb additionally the small peaklet "Borne de Tuquerouye", which provides a nice overview of the Estaubé valley against few scrambles.
At the Brèche de Tuquerouye, you discover the unguarded mountain hut (likely to be used and crowded such the place is famous), as well as the stunning view to Monte Perdido and the Marboré lake.
We need to go down slightly in the direction of the lake to catch a more friendly slope leading East, to reach the south base of the Pic de Pinède. From now, there is no precise route to the top; the whole south slope is correct enough to make our way to the top, whatever are the gaps or outcrops we avoid here and there. Then we reach the top, with stunning views all around.


9 km
+756 m

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* Spanish route : Most of the route is pretty similar to the Balcón de Pineta route already described for the peak Astazou, a close neighbour. The only difference is that instead of heading to that one, we turn right earlier to catch the south slopes of Pico de Pineta, the same way as described for the french route. Note: it involves a serious scramble grade II difficult in one point, better descended with a rope (see picture below in the end).


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